The Ultimate Optimus Prime, Like Ever!

optimusprimeultimate 00If you ever wanted a super detailed action figure of Autobot leader Optimus Prime, well this is the Ultimetal Transformers Optimus Prime.  At first I thought this was a April’s Fool Joke by TFsource, a Transformers website, but it’s not.  It’s available for pre-order at TFsource right now.  The price tag is super hefty, there goes my kids college fund!

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Staple Pigeon 2014 Spring Lookbook

staplespring 02Not to be mistaken for Staples, the brick and mortar shop that sells office supples, this is STAPLE.  Since 1997, they’ve been repping NYC streetwear culture and lifestyle.  For Lookbook, they’ve teamed up with online retailer Karmaloop for their look for 2014 Spring.

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Stussy Spring 2014 Collection

stussy coverNot just a skate brand, Stussy has been strutting urban street fashion since 1980 and here’s a look at what they are dropping into stores this spring for both men and women.  The Women’s collection digs back to retro ’80s/’90s styling, while the Men’s collection gives out a laid back beach vibe.

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More Transformers Big-Head Figures from Kids Logic

kidslogicIn Hong Kong and Asia, when Kids Logic launched their Hasbro-approved big head Optimus Prime action figure it sold like hot cakes.  It was a solid piece of toy fun for collectors and Transformers fans.  Now hot-off the Kids Logic Facebook page, they have revealed more action figures for their Transformers line-up!

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Citizen Brick – Dragon Sword Fighter Force!

DSFF posterIf you have old LEGO castle playsets or even Harry Potter playsets that are collecting dust,  why not get these cool custom LEGO minifigures with an Medieval theme from Citizen Brick?  The Dragon Sword Fighter Force! is ready to bring some Medieval excitement to your LEGO playsets!

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Monster Massacre Vol. 2 “East Meets West”

mm04Monster Massacre is back with more deadly femme fatales and sexy gun grinding action.  Monster Massacre Volume 2 showcases the top two art studios in Asia.  In the ’90s Image Comics was hotbed for talented artists, now the top creative talents in Asia are either at Imaginary Friends Studios based in Singapore or Stellar Labs based in Jakarta.  Many of these writers, artists, colorists, letterers and designers have work with the likes of DC and Marvel comics and other creative mediums.  Now in this Monster Massacre Volume 2 from Atomeka/Titan Comics. we get to see more cool artwork.


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Spider-Man & Stan Lee and wait for it … USPS collab?

usps spiderman boxJust around the corner is Sony’s next Spider-Man film installment and there are the usual merchandising tie-ins, but this is different, a tie-in with United States Postal Service.  You might just be saying to yourself, “It’s just an ordinary shipping box.”  It’s a piece of cardboard.  But it has a picture of Spider-Man on the box!  This could be a collectible like USPS stamps.

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Supreme S/S 2014 Lookbook

supreme2014 cover editIf you are looking for the classy cool hoodies and jackets for this Spring/Summer 2014, then look no further, check out Supreme.  Born and bred in NYC in 1994, Supreme is still rocking in the skate/urban fashion scene.

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B.A.P.E. Men & Women SS 2014 Lookbook

bapess2014 00Streetwear label A Bathing Ape known for its “camo-prints” on their apparel line is back with more this Spring/Summer 2014.  Check out the various camo-print designed hoodies, pants and tees from their Men and Women’s 2014 S/S Lookbook.

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Adly Syairi Ramly creates LEGO Bands

legobandcoverFan of music and LEGO, Adly Syairi Ramly neat project is using LEGO bricks and re-creating iconic pop bands.  From the Beatles, to Cypress Hill and even boyband N’Sync makes the list.  If you want to check out more cool images from this LEGO music project, go to his Instagram page:  adlysyairi#.

legobands00legobands01Follow him on Twitter @ adlysyairi.

Psycho Gran Issue 1 by David Leach

pg00On the other side of the pond is this old lady superhero, well sort of, she is known as Psycho Gran.  Who is Psycho Gran?  Well, she was created by cartoonist David Leach and Psycho Gran first appeared in British children’s comic Oink! in 1986.  The cult-hit granny is back in digital form with all new adventures in Psycho Gran #1.

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It Came! by Dan Boultwood

it came 00If you think superhero comic books are getting darker and serious, how about some good old-fashion comic book storytelling with a mix of sci-fi, comedy and fun?  Check out Dan Boultwood’s It Came!  Titan Comics collects the 4 issues of It Came! into one tidy hardbound trade.

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Snowpiercer 2: The Explorers

snowpiercer2After reading Snowpiercer 1:  The Escape, I said to myself, alright, for a French comic, this is not bad.  I enjoyed the post-apocalyptic tale and I was eagerly awaiting the second volume, hoping this would answer the many questions I had at the end of The Escape.  The original creator Jacques Lob passed away in 1990, and during that time Benjamin Legrand took on the reigns of writing the second chapter, while Jean-Marc Rochette returns handling the art on Snowpiercer 2:  The Explorers.

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The Hundreds 2014 Spring Lookbook

thehundredsspring00Streetwear brand The Hundreds dropping their Spring 2014 Collection Deliver Two into stores and online.  Check their site @ The Hundreds.


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Crooks & Castle Men & Women 2014 Spring Lookbook

c&c spring 2014I’ve been a fan of streetwear brand Crooks & Castles for many years now with lots of wallet busting action from buying their hoodies and graphic tees.  C&C just released their Men’s 2014 Lookbook and many of these items you can find online or just dropping into their retail shops.


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Only in Asia: 7-Eleven Marvel/Disney Exlcusive Figures

711singaporemarvel 00

I want them all!!!

I’m always on the hunt for kawaii (cute) toys and currently in Singapore, all the 7-Eleven stores are selling an exclusive limited run of Heroes & Friends Unite @ 7-Eleven.  The set of 8 figures features Marvel characters: Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and Spiderman; the Disney/Pixar characters are: Scully & Mike from Monsters Inc, and Woody & Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.  The toy promotion runs until April 22, 2014.

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Frankie’s Garage: 2014 Chevy Camaro Z/28

camaro z28 00Ignition takes a look at the Mustang-killer – the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28.  This street-legal track car has 505 horses, a NA 7.0L V8, 6-speed stick and comes with wide-sticky tires.  Now the Camaro can fight head-to-head against the Ford Mustang BOSS 302 Laguna SECA and Ford Shelby Mustang GT500.  This sticker price of this Z/28 is pricey at upwards of more than $75,000.00USD.

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L*R*G* Spring Lookbook 2014

lrg 00The Orange County (OC) streetwear brand Lifted Research Group (LRG) is still around after all these years and still leading the charge in urban fashion.

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UNIQLO Spring Looks 2014

uniqloBesides shopping at the trendy urban streetwear shops, I like shopping at the big box shops like UNIQLO.  Here’s a GQ/Vogue and UNIQLO Spring wardrobe looks and style tips.

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GUESS Spring 2014

Denim GuessSpring is here!  I like wearing jeans more than khakis because it just makes me feel good and comfortable, like a security blanket.

Shop @ GUESS.

Viral Video Friday: A Look at Dubai’s Shipyards

shippingyard 00A slice of life video by Brandon Li.  Brandon spent a few days in Dubai’s shipyards and started filming away.  The video was shot on a Sony RX100MK II Cyber-Shot.

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The Winter Soldier Press Tour in London

captain america winter soldierWith Captain America: The Winter Soldier just weeks from release, it’s been generating favorable reviews and this is the cast interview in London.  If you have 27 minutes of free time, then you should watch this.  Press conferences are usually boring with the press asking some dumb questions, but this London Press Conference actually had some great questions, neat tidbits from the cast, some insights on the Winter Soldier film, laughs and the Russo’s thoughts on Captain America 3 tackling Batman/Superman in 2016.

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The Live Action Jem & The Holograms

jem and the hologramsIf you grew up in the 1980s, you might remember the cartoon show Jem & The Holograms and now there will be a live-action reboot by Jon M. Chu, Jason Blum and Scooter Braun.

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Time Travel to Battle Dinosaurs and Kill Nazis

chronos commandosDo you want a dose of heavy action, time travel, sci-fi mumble jumble, big dinosaurs and fighting Nazis, then creator/writer/artist Stuart Jennett takes us on an old school journey with Chronos Commandos.  Titan Comics collects the first 5 issues of the Dawn Patrol story arc.

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Photos of Hong Kong Buildings

nick frank 00Hong Kong known for it’s massive amount and rows of tall buildings, photographer Nick Frank was in Hong Kong last year and shot a series of photographs – Concrete Living.

nick frank 01

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