Summer Fun – Ashish x Topshop


Summer is here!  Hey girls, look for cool beachwear items like beach towels, graphic tee’s, tanks, swimsuits and bikinis from Ashish x Topshop.  Prices range from $70.00USD and up to $150.00USD.  Look for these Ashish x Topshop apparel at Nordstrom.


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Tilly’s Spring 2013 Swimwear Lookbook

Are you looking for Spring swimwear from the top labels?  Check out online retailer Tilly’s swimwear Spring 2013 Lookbook.

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Billabong X Tom Veiga 2012 Swimwear Collection

Billabong X Tom Veiga

I just want to share with all the Retrenders fans out there that the latest Billabong Swimwear collection is out – and just in time for Summer!

The Billabong X Tom Veiga Collection will feature more than just swimwear but tees, mugs, bags, and other products.

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Mexican Inspired Beachwear Has Hit the Emamo Runway

With vibrant colors against fabrics of earthy tones, the fashion designer Emanuela Corvo has brought the art of Frida Kahlo’s everyday clothing into this year’s spring fashion. Frida Kahlo, an iconic painter from Mexico in the 20th century, was inspired by the colors and textiles of indigenous Mexican culture with the fusion of European influences for her clothing.  Her choice of what she wore and how she wore her dresses reflected the specific folk culture of Mexico in its time, and not to mention, her choice of personal style.


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