French Video Game Collector Nets €1 Million Euros

Image via eBay

Andre is a video game collector from France and he was able to sell his video game collection for about $1.23 million USD on eBay.  This huge collection consists of over 7,000 games and 22 game consoles.  Not only did it take him 15 years to finish this collection but he challenged himself to find and buy factory sealed video games.  Now that’s hardcore.

I just want to tell my mom now that I’m pissed she threw out all my old NES and SEGA consoles and games!

For more details about this video game collection sold on eBay, go to:  Yahoo Plugged In – eBay Video Game Haul.

Does This Chicken Nugget Look like George Washington?

My George Washington Chicken McNugget! from Yahoo! News

Has the world gone mad and insane?  This delicious piece of McDonald’s Chicken Nugget looks like George Washington?  A Nebraska woman is selling this McNugget on eBay.  I will laugh my head off to the crazy person that buys this!

Read the Yahoo news article here.

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