Kidrobot Dunny 2013 Release with Julie West and Scott Tolleson

KR Dunny 2013 05

Our Ramen team kicked it all day at the Kidrobot SF store in Haight-Ashbury as Kidrobot released their new 2013 Dunny series.  The day was long and the lines were super long as Dunny fans eagerly await to buy blind boxes and cases hoping to chase their favorite artist created Dunny and the “black” limited Andrew Bell Dunny.

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Ramen’s Other Half #1: Kidrobot x Street Fighter

Kidrobot x Street Fighter

Retrenders & Ramen and a Half kick-off their first episode @ the Kidrobot Release & Swap party in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury store as they launch their new Street Fighter 2 packs!   Our Ramen and a Half podcast hosts Edward Ballar & Ramon Angel check out the Kidrobot SF location and see if they could also get cool Street Fighter figures from Kidrobot’s newest release.  And special thanks to Kidrobot!

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Show Credits:

Hosts – Edward Ballar & Ramon Angel

Audio Engineer – Reyson Sioson

Camera Operator – Johnny Moreno

Tristan Eaton x Thierry Henry = Soccer Art

Kid Robot artist Tristan Eaton and New York Red Bulls soccer player Thierry Henry team-up with this winning goal:

For more details on this fresh project, go to:  Red Bull USA – Soccer Art.


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