Legend of Korra: 1st Episode FREE Download on iTunes!

Retrenders had a busy weekend so we haven’t had a chance to write a review on the first two episodes of the new Nick series Legend of Korra.  But if you missed the first two episodes you can watch them on Nickelodeon.  Click on this link:  Welcome to Republic City.

You can also download the debut episode for FREE on Apple iTunes:  Legend of Korra Vol. 1.  And you have the option of buying the HD episodes for the entire season for $29.99USD.

We will have a review up but one of our bloggers wants to get into a few more episodes before a write up.  The jury is still out for me until I get a few more episodes in because there are so many questions on the back story of old and new characters.  I have questions about Zuko’s mom, what happened to Sokka, who did Toph Beifong marry, and what happened to the Kyoshi Warriors?  So many questions!  So right now I just want to have fun watching it and exploring this new universe of characters and story lines.


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