Baymax USB LED Lamp

usbinfothinkbaymaxlightNeed a light in your dreary dorm room or work desk?  If you’re Disney’s Big Hero 6 fan, then you might want to pick-up this InfoThink Baymax USB LED nightlight.

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Tim Burton’s Batmobile iPhone case from Bandai Japan

batmobilecoverDo you want to be the talk of the town with all your geeky comic book friends?  If you have an Apple iPhone6 and a Batman fanatic, then you might want to pick-up this phone case.  From the Tim Burton directed and starring Micheal Keaton 1989 Batman film, this is the Batmobile replica from Bandai Japan’s Crazy Case series.

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Mega Man Helmet LED

megamanhelmetlightIf you’re looking for a cool LED light for your desk, then this is it.  This officially licensed Mega Man Helmet desk light is powered by USB and uses LEDs.

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Hess Toy Truck 50th Anniversary Edition

hesstoytruckFor the past 50 years, the Hess Toy Truck company has been producing cool trucks, cars and planes.  This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Hess Toy Truck company and to celebrate, Hess has delivered a Collector’s Edition Toy Truck.  The modern looking toy tanker hides a smaller replica, a 1964 oil tanker truck.  Both trucks feature an amazing amount of LED lights.

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Interactive Art – Musical LED Swings on Tour

musicalswingsEven as an adult seeing a swing set on a playground can just bring out the kid in all of us.  These special swing set installations have LED lights and plays music.  The Swings – An Exercise in Musical Cooperation project was developed by Daily Tous Les Jours, a Montreal-based design studio.

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Kids Logic Mecha Nations MN03 Transformers Megatron

kidslogicmegatronHK toy maker Kids Logic is on a roll with their big-head cute Hasbro-approved Transformers G1-style line-up of light-up LED action figures.  Here’s the latest from Kids Logic, the Mecha Nations MN03 Transformers Megatron 6″ figure.

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More Transformers Big-Head Figures from Kids Logic

kidslogicIn Hong Kong and Asia, when Kids Logic launched their Hasbro-approved big head Optimus Prime action figure it sold like hot cakes.  It was a solid piece of toy fun for collectors and Transformers fans.  Now hot-off the Kids Logic Facebook page, they have revealed more action figures for their Transformers line-up!

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LEDLite LEGO Keychains

LEGO KeychainsWith the LEGO movie hitting the multiplexes February 7th, 2014, there’s bound to be a bunch of license products, like these LEDLite LEGO Movie Keychains.  From HK company IQ, the LEDLite line-up announced so far will be Emmet, Uni-Kitty, Lord Business and Bad Cop.

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Halloween Vids for Fun

led babyShort clip of a neat baby costume for Halloween.  This dad made a LED suit for his kid.

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LED Light Bulb with 20-year Life-span – iLumi

Everybody wants eco-friendly devices in the home, well here it is from iLumi Solutions with their super-efficient LED light bulbs with built-in Bluetooth.  The iLumi bulbs not only can last for around 20 years, but you can use your Smartphones to control many different lighting moods, security options, proximity settings, and other neat lighting options.  There are currently 4 different models and prices start at $60.00USD and up to $90.00USD.

For more info on this green tech, go to:  iLumi LED Light Bulbs.

No Spray Paint Need Apply for This Graffiti Art

Water – Light – Graffiti by French artist Antonin Fourneau:

This project uses thousands of LEDs and the LEDs will light up when touched.  It’s like a really cool techno-inspired Etch-A-Sketch.

For more information on this project and images, go to: Digital Arti – Antonin Fourneau – Water Light Graffiti.

Solar Power: LuminAID Light for the World

Light the World!

If you are in a car accident at night, a natural disaster, or maybe just camping outdoors – why not give this a go? It’s the world’s first solar inflatable LED light!

MSRP:  $15.00USD

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Lightsaber Chopsticks!

When I’m at Panda Express next time and munching on Kung Pao Chicken and Potstickers – I’m gonna bust out these freaking chopsticks!

I tell my friends I’m buying these lightsaber chopsticks for my son but seriously, we all know this is for me.  This is the newer version by Kotobukiya with LED lights glowing while you eat. You never know the next version might have an actual laser instead of an LED light. Imagine how cool that would be – just press the button and the lightsaber will slice your food.

MSRP:  $22.90USD

The only way to get these Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks in the States at the moment is through


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