Find The Perfect (or, at least, “cool”) Gift For Dad!!

Father’s Day is around the corner!

Looking for a special gift that makes Dad’s eye’s light up with that Dude, that’s sooo cool look?

Well, here are a few of such gifts that might just do the trick….and, if not, maybe the ol’ man will pass them down to you….PRONTO!


This is an old school way to get Pops to embrace his new school iPod!

Dad’s updated headphone from 1965!

Marshal headphones: $99.95


This is a true combo device that is capable of housing iPad, iPod, iPhone!

Listen to tunes, watch vids, or peep a photo slideshow!

All-in-One Projector, Speaker and Apple-Device Dock Combo: $699


This is a classic spirit used in the “Original Collins” and the “Holland House” cocktails.

The classic malt-wine liquor

Bols Barrel Aged Genever: $56.99


Ideal speaker box for Dad’s garage….or office!  iPod- or mp3-ready!

A speaker box with a little bit of “Boom”

Retro Ammo box iPod speaker: $340


For the fatherly Trekky in your family!

Update your Captain’s Log in comfort!

Star Trek bathrobe: $59.99


Not to be outdone by the Trekkie bathrobe, the Jedi robe is the “logical” alternative for the sci-fi father.

The way of the force is COMFORT!

Star Wars Jedi bathrobe: $89.99


This has got to be one of the coolest “vintage” finds for Dad’s den!

A vintage feel for a modern office!

Vintage USB typewriter/keyboard: $799


Combine Dad’s two favorite pastimes…Golf and BBQ!

Improving Dad’s swing…one steak at a time!

Golf club BBQ tools: $27.95


Whatever you choose for Dad….or any other fatherly figure in your life….it’s best to keep that certain element of function.

Because, save the novelty of a “cool” gift, what’s the use of giving Pops a gift if he can’t use it?!

Happy shopping!

Contributed by Al Morales (aka greyluvr)
Host, Retrenders Spotlight

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