Can’t Miss Panel Featuring, Greg Capullo, Paul Harding, Jean St. Jean and
DC Collectibles own Jim Fletcher

DC Collectibles, known for its iconic lines of collectibles, statues and action figures, directly from the source, is returning to New York Comic Con (Oct. 3-6) and will reveal an extensive slate of new statues and action figures. Big reveals include the reveal of #102 in the popular Batman: Black & White series, new character additions to the fan-favorite Batman: The Adventures Continue action figure line, and additions to expand its best-selling action figure and statue lines including DC Bombshells, DC Essentials, DC Designer Series, and more.

DC Collectibles just recently hit a major milestone with its Batman: Black & White series by announcing its 100th statue designed by Todd McFarlane and #101 by Frank Miller. With the line gaining even more notoriety the DC Collectibles team knew they had to keep going above and beyond for the line’s fans announcing the 102nd statue in the series would be designed by non-other than the legendary Jim Lee. The all new 7” Batman statue is based on a panel in Batman: Hush, marks Lee’s fifth statue in the line.

Fans will now be able to immerse one of the most popular DC Super-Villains, The Batman Who Laughs into their Batman: The Adventures Continue collections. The Batman Who Laughs figure, designed by Ty Templeton bio by Paul Dini, combines the popular character from the Dark Nights: METAL comic and the beloved animated TV series art style. The figure is due to hit shelves October 2020. 

Harley Quinn fans rejoice as an all new Harley Quinn Red, White & Black statue designed by Steve Pugh will make its debut on the Comic Con show floor. Based on Pugh’s art from the young adult graphic novel, Breaking Glass, features a young Harley Quinn.

Additional 2020 releases include a DC Designer Series Batman statue by Alex Ross and several new DC Essentials action figures including a number based on the popular DC Comics miniseries from 2019, DCeased, where the action figures take on the some of the post popular characters in the line and turn them into zombie-like creatures. Characters include, DCeased Batman, DCeased The Joker, DCeased Harley Quinn and DCeased Superman

DC Collectibles will be hosting a can’t miss panel (Thursday, October 3rd at 1:45 pm, Room 1A21)
featuring Greg Cupullo, Paul Harding, Jean St. Jean and DC Collectibles own Creative Director, Jim Fletcher. Fans will get a front row seat to hearing about all the new collectibles and what goes into making these amazing fan-favorite statues and action figures. Those in attendance will be treated to hearing about and seeing several upcoming statues and actions figures including, Batman Black & White: Batmonster by Greg Capullo, DC Bombshells – Carrie Kelly as Robin (designed by Ant Lucia and sculpted by Tim Miller), DC Cover Girls – Harley Quinn (designed by Frank Cho), and three new concept designs for Batman: The Adventures Continue action figure line -Talon, HUSH and Thomas Wayne as Batman.

See below for a complete list of DC Collectibles’ new line up:

Batman: Black & White Statue:
• Batman by Jim Lee
• Batman by Frank Miller
• Batmonster by Greg Capullo

Batman: The Adventures Continue:
• The Batman Who Laughs
• Talon
• Thomas Wayne as Batman

Harley Quinn Red, White & Black:
• Harley Quinn by Steve Pugh

DC Bombshells Statue:
• Carrie Kelly as Robin

DC Cover Girls:
• Harley Quinn by Frank Cho

DC Designer Series:
• Batman by Alex Ross

DC Essentials Action Figures:
• #23 Batman Rebirth Version 2
• #24 The Flash Speed Force
• #25 Nightwing New 52
• #26 Superman: The Return of Superman
• #27 Essentially DCeased Batman
• #28 Essentially DCeased The Joker
• #29 Essentially DCeased Harley Quinn
• #30 Essentially DCeased Superman

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