Mr. B’s for ALDO: A Modern Twist on a Classic Footwear

Mr. B’s for ALDO

New York designer, Christian Cota, joined ALDO to present a premium men’s footwear line that featured chunky brogues in both shoe and boot options.  The colors are bold and the footwear exudes a classic and modern effort in its styling and function.

Blake boot in Navy/Grey and Cognac

I recently tracked down (yes, tracked down!) a pair of the Blake boots in Navy/Grey (pictured above).  The sizes run a bit big, but to my advantage, there was only one pair left (at the time) for order across the country.

These now take their place as one of my most cherished of fashion finds.  The leather is sturdy.  The styling is impeccable, for both casual and dress wear.  And the color??  Wow!!

Sardella bag in Cognac

When ALDO launched the Mr. B’s line, they did not stop short in creating an ensemble for men’s footwear that was superbly complimented by stylish accessories.  Hence, the Sardella bag that is an ode to the classic 1950s messenger bag.  Its classic form is rustic but its function (with full complement of pockets, sleeves, and pouches) is urban/business.

Chastin in Navy

If you are looking for a shoe or boot that harkens back to the days of urban dandies, but allows the modern gentlemen a suitable and stylish fashion staple, then Mr. B’s for ALDO is a definite MUST!

Adamis shoe in Dark Grey

So, be bold, be classic, and be modern…all in one wearing!

For more information: Mr. B’s for ALDO or Mr. B’s

Contributed by Al Morales (aka greyluvr)
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    My fave boots right now!!

  2. Wonderful post and really really nice looking shoes! The messenger bag would go great with the shoe line also.

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