The Great Wall – The Official Movie Novelization

One of the “Wonders of the World” is the Great Wall in China.  Why was this gigantic wall built?  It was to keep out evil monsters that appear every 60 years.  This is the big budget East/West production by Legendary Pictures directed by award-winning Zhang Yimou.  “The Great Wall” stars Matt Damon as the mercenary William Garin.

In search for fame and riches, mercenary William Garin and his men find themselves in remote China.  His remaining men are tired and hungry after days of being hunted down by bandits in the region.  As they rest for the night, they encounter a mysterious creature.  William is able to fend off the beast by cutting its talon off.  William and fellow survivor Pero Tovar stumble upon the amazing gigantic structure – the Great Wall.

Captured as prisoners by The Nameless Order guarding the wall, William and Pero learn that the wall was built to fend off the hordes of Tao Tei monsters.  From captives turn heroes, they will forge a new alliance to aid The Nameless Order.

“The Great Wall” is the typical multiplex action movie.  From just reading the book, I visualize it to be very vibrant and colorful fantasy film.  I like the William Garin and Lin Mae characters in the book.  I find The Nameless Order and the various colored uniform corps very interesting.  If you’re on a long train ride to somewhere, “The Great Wall” is good book to make time fly by.  But I guess I will wait for this film to come on streaming or Blu-ray.


Paperback Title:  The Great Wall

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $7.99USD

Available:  Now

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