The Great Wall – The Art of the Film

thegreatwallbookThis weekend Legendary Pictures releases one of their big films of the year into the multiplexes – The Great Wall starring Matt Damon.  Suppose the Great Wall in China was not just built to defend from the human element but also “monsters.”  Actor Matt Damon and the all-star Chinese cast look to defend the Great Wall and humanity from these evil beasts.  Titan Books official companion guide The Great Wall – The Art of the Film takes a behind-the-scenes at the epic production.

greatwall001The Great Wall is a big China-Hollywood production with international acclaimed director Zhang Yimou at the helm.  Zhang and the production staff talk about assembling the cast and creative staff from Hollywood and in China.  The book features sketches, drawings, storyboards, fold-out poster size art, character designs, CGI works and many behind-the-scenes production photos.  The creative staff also talks about building the incredible locations, creating the weapons and making the monsters alive in the movie.

greatwall002Okay, I admit with the bad critics review, I will probably wait for The Great Wall on Blu-ray or streaming.  I’m saving my multiplex IMAX money for Logan, Beauty & the Beast and Kong: Skull Island, but I digress.  On that note, The Great Wall – The Art of the Film is a beautifully hard-bound coffee table book.  I like looking at all the colorful character designs and the many different color coded warrior outfits like the Crane Corps and Tiger Corps.  I also like how the production team discusses the world building aspects and set production.  So, if you like the movie The Great Wall, the characters, the warrior armies and monsters, then The Great Wall – The Art of the Film will make a wonderful companion guide.


Hardbound Title:  The Great Wall – The Art of the Film

Author:  Abbie Bernstein

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $39.95USD

Available:  Now

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