STRANGER THINGS – A Throwback to the Best Movies of the ’80s!

Stranger Things - Netflix - RetrendersIf you haven’t seen this Netflix Series, you should!  Because I went into a sleepless night binge watching this!

Stranger Things takes place in the ’80s and with plenty of ’80s music.  It brought back so many memories of past films, this took me back to being a 5 year-old kid, because it had a little bit of The Goonies, a team of kids on bicycles. I also couldn’t help recognize the use of same dramatic theme track too.  Then there’s E.T., because of the weird girl; The Explorers, kids exploring; Stand By Me, the train track trail to find their friend; and it even had an X-Files Sci-Fi conspiracy twist that will lure you to want to watch the series until the end. Also, it’s worth mentioning, if you love Dungeons and Dragons, you’ll appreciate this series!

I have to say, the first episode started out a bit campy, because it was hard to believe that these intelligent kids with their Dungeons and Dragons game mastery of detail had such unmindful parents, but I got sucked into it. Then I thought, “unmindful parents was a trend in ’80s flicks.”

Check out:  Netflix.



  1. Can’t wait to get sucked into this one, EVERYONE here is talking about it today. This is a great blog you’re running here as well, do you ever publish your content on any other film/entertainment sites as well?

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