Here at Retrenders, we find interesting products and trends from all around the world – with a focus on art, fashion, videos, books, and toys – and bring them to you.

Our unique group of contributors, which include a mix of urbanites and geeks, wanted to come together and dedicate ourselves in building a web magazine where we can share fresh content and experiences that highlight many facets of our modern lives.

Retrenders is based in the wonderfully diverse San Francisco Bay Area. We started in late 2011, and since then, we wanted our readers to think of us as a site where you can not only see some of the latest trends in art, fashion, and toys, but also our unique features, product reviews, artist interviews, and spotlight videos.

One last thing – we’d love to hear from you! You can email us through our Contact page or start a conversation by commenting on any of the posts. Plus you can follow Retrenders via Email (sign-up button is on the right sidebar), RSS, Facebook, and Twitter.

Thanks for checking us out and we hope you enjoy visiting our site as much as we enjoy putting all this together for you.


  1. thecircleofit says:

    what a great name for a blog….and concept!!!….have you heard about the ‘bullet pen’?

  2. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!! Sorry for shouting 😉

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