Pebble Watch Review

[Pebble Watch]

My Pebble watch finally arrived! For those who don’t know, this watch is an e-ink display watch which communicates via bluetooth with a smart phone. It rose in popularity due to its interesting design blowing past it’s Kickstarter goal by BIZZZZZILIONS of dollars.

Not being a watch person for many years, I was intrigued by the project and succumbed to its siren’s calling. I backed the watch in May 2012 and waited. And waited. And waited until it arrived. It’s finally in my hands and here’s some quick thoughts!


The box was made out of cardboard and had an easy to remove pull-string. Inside was the watch and USB charge cable. That’s it – nice and simple. Reminded me of Apple’s minimalistic packaging.



If I had to describe the watch, I would categorize it as a sporty looking watch. The e-paper display looks good in the daylight and the night time. It has four buttons, up / down / select / back, and a section for the magnetic charge port.

Menu System[Menu System]


The Pebble has a simple interface. It can control your music, receive TXT messages, and set alarms. I’m most excited about changing watch faces from the menu system. I love me some text watch face.

Music Menu[Music Menu]


Pairing with my iPhone 4S killed my phone battery as the bluetooth is constantly on. The companion app would interrupt my phone activity for what seemed like every 15m. Sometimes it would be ok for hours and then multiple pop-ups for pairing stopped what I was looking up. Battery life for watch doesn’t hit the 7+ days listed on the website as I have to charge every five to six days.

iOS Pop-Up[iOS Pop-Up]


For potential buyers, I would say to hold off for a little bit as it would cost $150 for a unit and the company just finished fulfilling their black Kickstarter orders and is fulfilling their color Kickstarter orders. The Pebble SDK should be announced shortly so the in-watch apps should be arriving soon. Hopefully, this would add a number of new features for the watch. (countdown timer please!)


The Pebble SDK has been released and the iOS app has been updated. The pop-ups are no longer a constant distraction. Hopefully, the battery will be optimized too.


Charging Cable[Charging Cable]

Left Side[Left Side]

Right Side[Right Side]

iOS Companion Screen[iOS Companion Screen]

Text[TXT – Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.]

Pebble is still taking pre-orders for $150 at and you can choose different colors such as Jet Black, Arctic White, Cherry Red, Orange, and Grey. Check out the links below to get more info.



By Contributing Blogger:  gmixalot.


  1. I love supporting small businesses and artists through micro-financing sites. I believe that’s where the creativity and uniqueness gets to be sustained in this society. I personally have sponsored a great musician through Pledgemusic in making her next album, which is in its final stages. Feels great to be supporting the talents so they can continue doing what they are best at, which is creating.

    Thank you for sharing the Pebble Watch! It looks like a very interesting concept and will continue to keep an eye on it!

    Have a nice day,


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