Super Mario & Lots of Post-It Notes!

supermariopostitnotesThese guys got a lot of time on their hands and a lot of post it notes. But it’s also damn creative.

For more cool videos, check out Zach King’s channel:  YouTube – FinalCutKing.


  1. Can this be my job, too? 😀 …Although I’m sure it was days of tedium trying to complete this, so nevermind. O_O;;

    • Yes, since this is back-to-school month – Post-It notes will be on sale at the stores … time to buy a bunch and try to do this stop motion madness!

    • You know I wouldn’t be surprised if one day this “Post It art/animation” becomes a job somewhere. I mean, look at those lego masters where they’re employed by lego and make great masterpieces – those artists all started with just a love for lego.

      • That’s a good point–but if that’s true, what did the Post It artists start with? A love for Post-Its? Man, those guys need some hobbies. O_O

      • Hahahah so true! There had to be, I don’t know, at least 10 more practical hobbies before they chose “Post-It art” =P

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