Dead Space: Liberation

deadspaceliberationDead Space: Liberation is a brand new graphic novel by British sci-fi/fantasy illustrator Christopher Shy and British writer Ian Edginton and the story follows the events after EA’s hit video game Dead Space 2, plus acts as a prequel to the upcoming Dead Space 3.

In Liberation, we find out there’s another Marker on the planet Uxor. Earthgov Sergeant John Carver now races back to save his family as religious fanatics attack the Marker site. John is then forced to join with Ellie Langford and Captain Robert Norton as they race to unlock the true secrets of the Marker, fight off Unitology, and save mankind.

I have to admit, I grew up with and follow comic books drawn by the Jim Lee’s & Mark Bagley’s of the worlds, so when I first dug into this graphic novel, the art was very polarizing plus it took some time reading the fonts – there wasn’t the usual “word bubbles” for the dialogue. Although, as I kept flipping through the pages, the realistically painted drawing style sets up the fast paced action and the dark mood of the story. Dead Space fans should definitely pick this up before blasting the Necromorphs away in Dead Space 3.

Also of note, Titan Books will be re-issuing two Dead Space graphic novels: Dead Space by Ben Templesmith & Antony Johnston (collected Dead Space comics #1-6, and the prequel Extraction) and Dead Space: Salvage by Christopher Shy & Antony Johnston.


Hardbound Trade:  Dead Space:  Liberation

Illustrator:  Christopher Shy

Author:  Ian Edginton

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $19.99USD

Available:  February 5, 2013

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