Pacific Rim – The Official Movie Novelization by Alex Irvine

pacific rimGundam (insert Jaegers) vs Godzilla (insert Kajijus)

It’s already July and the summer multiplexes are heating up with Hollywood blockbusters with big explosions and incredible special effects.  This is director Guillermo del Toro’s tour-de-force special effects extravaganza summer flick.

When two tectonic plates collide in the Pacific Ocean, it creates The Breach, a dimensional portal is opened where mysterious monsters known as Kajiu attack the earth.  The world unites together and put their technology and knowledge together to create gigantic robots called Jaegers.  We fast forward to the year 2020, seven years into the Kaiju war, brothers Raleigh and Yancy Becket as kids dreamed of piloting these gigantic robots and battling monsters.  Hotshot pilot Raleigh and his brother Yancy are veteran operators now with 4 Kaiju kills under their belt.  During a Kaiju mission in the Alaskan region, the battle goes awfully wrong.

   We now fast forward to 2025, Raleigh has left the Jaeger program when his brother Yancy was killed in action.  He’s now a loner construction worker building defense Walls around cities.  Governments around the world now doubt the Jaeger program because they have become very expensive weapons and the Jaegers haven’t been able to win the war.  The Governments in putting money on defensive measures, but Marshall Stacker Pentecost still believes in these giant robots.  He hopes to get Raleigh back in the saddle and team him up with rookie pilot Mako Mori to save not just the Earth itself but survival of the human race.

If you want lots of action with giant robots and big monsters – then Pacific Rim has it all.  Watch the movie and read the book!


Paperback:  Pacific Rim – The Official Movie Novelization

Author:  Alex Irvine

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $7.99USD

Available:  Now

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