H&M Ladies Spring 2014 Lookbook

h&m spring 2014It’s like Fashion Week here at Retrenders!  Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr fronts H&M Spring 2014 and of course Stephen mentions to me, oh “she’s that Victoria’s Secret model.”  Men, sometimes have this way of remembering non-essential details in life.  But back to the topic at hand is H&M’s Ladies Spring Fashion 2014.

spring2014hmI go through various mood swings when it comes to H&M.  Sometimes I shop and buy everything at H&M and then I won’t for a couple of months.  But this Spring 2014 collection doesn’t look too over-the-top and I can see myself a night out on the town in these outfits.  I like the simple colors and lines.

Check out:  H&M Women – Spring 2014.

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