Elementary: The Ghost Line

elementaryghostlineA MTA worker is found dead in his very own apartment.  What can you say, it’s New York City’s toughest area, Hell’s Kitchen.  Well, it’s present day, so it’s more urban hipster living in the area and coffee shops with Wi-Fi access, but Daredevil won’t come to the rescue.  Instead, enter Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson!  Based on the CBS hit TV show Elementary, which is a modern day twist of the famous literary detective Sherlock Holmes set in present-day New York City.  “The Ghost Line” story by Adam Christopher takes place around the 3rd TV season of Elementary.

NYPD’s Captain Gregson calls in Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson on a case for “consulting.”  The ID body is 45 year-old Liam Macnamara, a MTA subwary operator.  He’s found dead with many bullets in his body.  They find thousands of dollars in his bread box, dirt found on the floor is from Colombia, and a pass to a VIP pre-Colombian gold exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.  As team digs deeper and deeper, Holmes finds himself exploring the underground sewer and subway system of old New York City.  Watson gets caught up in investigating the mysterious curator Dr. Lisa Harley.  So what’s the connection?  Is it just gold smuggling, drug running operation, or something else?  It’s up to Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson to solve the case.

If you’ve watched any of the 3 TV seasons of Elementary, then you feel right at home with “The Ghost Line” adventure.  Author Adam Christopher gets the modern-day incarnation of Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson in present day New York City from the TV show.  There is insight and thought process from the mind of Holmes that you get in the book and not from the TV show.  Basically you get the gist of how this Sherlock Holmes ticks and solves puzzles.  This is nice lazy Sunday read, if you’re a fan of the TV series, then you won’t be disappointed by this first Elementary: The Ghost Line paperback entry.


Paperback Title:  Elementary – The Ghost Line

Author:  Adam Christopher

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $7.99USD

Available:  Now

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