Frankie’s Garage: LEGO Speed Champions 2015

sppedchampionslegoLEGO introduces an all-new product line in March 2015, the Speed Champions which will feature race cars from the likes of Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche.  JangBricks looks and reviews at the two of the bigger Speed Champions playsets.

porsche911playsetThis is the LEGO Speed Champions Porsche 911 GT Finishing Line 75912 which features the two winning Porsche GT cars from 24-Hour LeMan racing event.  The set also has a pit stop/winning podium playset, start/finish tower and 4 minifigures.

MSRP:  $80.00USD (est.)

Available:  March 2015


legoferrariThis is the LEGO Speed Champions F14 & Scuderia Ferrari Truck 75913 playset.  Like JangBricks, I dig this truck and how they put in lots of fun play features.

MSRP:  $199.99USD (est.)

Available:  March 2015


Source:  LEGO – Speed Champions 2015.

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