UNIQLO UTGP 2015 Star Wars

utgpstcoverWe just had the Star Wars Celebration this past weekend, now comes the UNIQLO UTGP 2015 Star Wars Collection.  The winning Star Wars graphic t-shirts are in!  The Global T-Shirt Design Competition 2015 received more than 5,000 entries from around the world.


Grand Prix: Takuya Saito (Japan) – Men’s T-Shirt


Runner-Up: Ryosuke Sato (Japan) – Kids T-Shirt


Darth Vader Award: Tim Mo (Meng Hsien Tung) (China) – Men’s T-Shirt


Jeffrey Brown Award: Kazuhiro Okino (Japan) – Men’s T-Shirt


Nigo Award: Yusuke Iwatani (Japan) – Men’s T-Shirt


Kilian Plunkett Award: Seiji Matsumoto (Japan) – Kids’ T-Shirt

These are the major Star Wars-inspired graphic tee winners.  To see the many other honorable mentions and details about the UTGP 2015 contest, just go to:  UNIQLO UTGP 2015 Star Wars.  The Star Wars collection is available now at UNIQLO stores.

Check out:  UNIQLO UTGP 2015 Star Wars.

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