Scarlett Couture Issue #1

SCARLETT COUTURE #1_CoverBThen’s been lots of HYPE over this new comic book mini-series Scarlett Couture by Des Taylor, so as it hits the comic book racks today, does it live up to the HYPE?  The four-issue mini-series focuses on new spy-heroine Scarlett Couture created, written and illustrated all by Des Taylor.

SCARLETT1_Diamond Previews1Issue 1 kicks-off like a summer blockbuster as hot female models are being kidnapped from Chase Couture fashion empire.  Our super spy heroine Scarlett Couture is on the hunt.  Scarlett is head security officer for Chase Couture and her billionaire fashion mogul mom Chase Elizabeth Carver is the boss, and get this, Chase Couture is a front for a clandestine CIA team.  It’s like H&M is cover company for MI-6, but I digress.  As the story develops, the players or “evil-doers” are introduced and like a Korean drama, a surprise villain from Scarlett’s past is unveiled.

SCARLETT1_Diamond Previews3The art style by Des Taylor is flashy and smooth with lots of T&A.  It usually quite to chore to not only write the story but also draw it at the same time, and I know it’s only issue 1 of 4, but here’s hoping for more character development of Scarlett and supporting characters in future issues, rather than a fat bio-dump like a G.I. Joe file card at the end of the comic telling us Scarlett knows this type of martial arts and speaks 5 languages.  Other than that, you will be in for one hell of a ride, if you like sexy spy fun with a blockbuster summer movie-feel, take a chance on Scarlett Courture #1.


Comic Book:  Scarlett Couture #1

Author/Artist:  Des Taylor

Publisher:  Titan Comics

MSRP:  $3.39USD

Available:  April 29, 2015

Age:  15+




  1. […] few months back I reviewed the first issue of Des Taylor’s new Scarlett Couture 4-issue mini-series, and today, the last issue with two variant covers drops today at your local comic book store […]

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