Frankie’s Garage: SRT Tomahawk Vision for Gran Turismo 6

srttomahawkcoverThis is one bad@$$ concept car by SRT.  Fiat/SRT takes a jump into the future of what a SRT hyper-car would look like in 2035.  And you’ll have to wear a G-suit to drive this car because of the 2,590 horses and top speed of 371.  This is the SRT Tomahawk Vision for Gran Turismo 6.

With the Tomahawk’s moving panels and wings, it reminds me a cross between Macross Plus’ Ghost X-9 fighter plane and Knight Rider’s Knight Industries KITT car with the “Super Pursuit Package”, but that’s just my opinion. srtfrontcover

For more detail images of this hypercar concept, go to:  FCA US LLC – SRT Tomahawk.

For latest GT6 videos, go to:  YouTube – Gran Turismo TV.

Source:  FCA US LLC – SRT Tomahawk Vision.

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