Heroes: Vengeance

heroesvengeancecoverNBC TV recently premiered their new super hero/sci-fi series Heroes Reborn and with the introduction of many new characters and typical large cast for a show like this, Titan Comics offers a new monthly Heroes comic book series where it will profile and highlight a character with a 5-part story arc.  Heroes: Vengeance #1 finds Oscar Gutierrez as a ordinary mechanic by day and the vigilante El Vengador.

heroes000In dark gritty streets of LA, a young man is trying to escape from a bunch of gangsters.  The young man is cornered and thinking he’s about to die, then out of nowhere the vigilante El Vengador swoops in and fights all the gangsters away.  El Vengador also flashbacks to when his dad would take his little brother and him to Luche Libre matches.

hereos001Writers Seamus Kevin Fahey and Zach Craley team-up with this first story arc about El Vengador.  The art by Rubine just fits with great pacing, details and clean panels to get the story moving.  If you’re fan of the Heroes Reborn TV series and want to know more about the characters, pick-up this comic as it drops into stores today!


Comic Book:  Heroes #1

MSRP:  $3.99USD

Buy it @ Titan Comics – Heroes #1.


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