Fox McCloud by Jakks Pacific

foxmccloudactionfigureOver the years, Jakks Pacific’ World of Nintendo 4″ action figure line-up has proven popular and besides making just Mario-universe characters, the Wave 3 series features fighter pilot Fox McCloud.  The neat 4″ figure solid details, paint job, 12 points of articulation, and a small version of his ship.  Here’s hoping for more characters an maybe vehicles from Starfox.

MSRP:  $17.88USD

Buy it @ – Jakks Pacific – Fox McCloud.


samusjakksFrom Wave 2 this summer, from the iconic video game Metroid, the 4″ Samus action figure.  The figure features nice and bright paint job and fans of Metroid will want to pick figure up.

MSRP:  $19.88USD

Buy it @ – Jakks Pacific – World of Nintendo – Samus.

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