ALIENS – The Set Photography

aliensartbookOne of the huge blockbuster movies that made a strong impression on me growing in the 1980s was James Cameron’s ALIENS.  It was scary with kick-ass action, had a memorable cast of actors and just a great science fiction storyline.  With a collection of artwork, on-set location pictures and behind-the-scenes photographs, author Simon Ward takes us ALIENS fans on a journey with ALIENS – The Set Photography by Titan Books.

aliens00The cast and crew interviews talk about working on set, building this world of LV-426, the aliens and working with director James Cameron.  Along with the quotes, author Simon Ward gathers many behind-the-scenes photographs and artwork from the movie.

aliens01I really enjoyed reading the thoughts and the point of view from actors Carrie Henn (Newt) and Jeanette Goldstein (Private Vasquez).  I fantasized about being a Space Marine because of this movie!  There’s also lots of cool on-set photographs that really capture the essence of this sequel and Cameron’s sci-fi vision.  If you’re cinema buff and ALIENS fans then the ALIENS – The Set Photography artbook is what you need to buy and put into your library collection.


Hardbound Title:  Aliens – The Set Photography

Author:  Simon Ward

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $39.95USD

Available:  Now

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