Teach your kids to be Mad Scientist with these Alphabet Blocks

mad science alphabet blocks

Instead of getting your kids those old-fashion alphabet blocks, why not buy these Mad Science Alphabet Blocks from Xylocopa?  You can now teach them Bioengineering and Nanotechnology through these alphabet blocks!

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ABC’s of Spaceships by Scott Markley

Do you have geeky sons and daughters?  Well they can learn their alphabets with the ABC’s of spaceships.

Scott Markley over at Time For Hugs complied the list and it’s pretty geekstatic list of sci-fi spaceships.

Source:  Time For Hugs – ABC’s of Spaceships by Scott Markley.

ABC DC Women

dcwomenalphabetThe English alphabet has 26 characters.  Artist Sherri Molloy aka El Sharra pairs each alphabet to a DC Comics female character.

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