Foody Vinyl Art by Zard Apuya

foodvinylartAnybody who knows about Dunnies, ‘Droids, or vinyl figures know they are more than just toys and collecting, but also an art form.  Artist Zard Apuya combines the love of food and vinyl figures together for his own unique take.

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Food: More like Dessert, Delicious Shaved Ice

woolyshavediceA food cart that specializes in a yummy dessert treat – shaved ice found in New York City’s South Street Seaport.  Reserve Channel interviews the 3 co-founders Danny Che, David Sat and Kenneth Sa of Wooly’s Ice.  Imported from Taiwan, the 3 co-founders hope to spread Wolly’s Ice across America.

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Japan Only: Butt Pudding (Crayon Shin-Can)

shin-canFrom the Japanese manga series by Yoshito Usui comes the Crayon Shin-Can butt-shaped edible pudding.  The dessert kit comes with DIY instructions and when you’re done you can eat Shin-Can’s twerking butt.

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Cupcakes for the Brain

I can honestly tell you I cannot stomach to eat this.   It looks too real and yucky, even if it is cupcakes.

I’m a cannibal! Photo from I Heart Chaos.

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