Hump Day: Cubicle Stress Reliever MV

hidekiinabaIt’s not Viral Video Friday yet, but it is Hump Day Wednesday here in my workstation.  Here’s a soothing and relaxing animated music video.  Put your headphones on and sit back.  It’s only 3 minutes.

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Soundtype Track 1 – Tunogo’s Remix of After The Fall’s “Don’t Feel”

We’re starting a new weekly blog series here on Retrenders called Soundtype where I’ll cover emerging artists or indie music that have recently hit my playlist. New music is an obsession of mine – just listening to new tracks takes up most of my day –  so it just made sense to write about and share with our audience which song or artist stood out that week.

Let’s start off the series with a remix from Tunogo, an LA based electronic music act helmed by Bass/EDM producer Jess Labb. She put together a nice dubstep/downtempo mix of After The Fall’s new single “Don’t Feel.” Here’s the track – After The Fall – Don’t Feel (Tunogo’s Benumb Remix):

If you like this, you can download the track for free (while it’s still available) or check out other tracks and EP’s by Tunogo on her Soundcloud page. Jess Labb is currently working on a follow up to the Intemperatus EP out on Sodio Recordings and you can find more info on Tunogo on their site –

After The Fall (also hailing from Los Angeles) is releasing the “Don’t Feel” single later this month on September 25, and it includes this mix plus three others – here’s the teaser link for all the upcoming tracks.

Next week, I’ll highlight two recent remixes that just happen to share the same song title thus confusing me to no end as to which group sang what. See ya then!

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