Bait x Marvel

With the big Marvel Infinity War movie on the verge of hitting the big screen, there are tons of awesome Marvel merchandise that is out! One of those things, being this collaboration between Bait and Marvel. So far, the Bait x Marvel clothing line features fan favorite characters such as Thanos, Venom, and Punisher as well as a few others on merch like shirts, hoodies and hats. With the upcoming Infinity War and Venom films coming out, Bait is the spot to get geared up for the upcoming movies.

You can pick up this Bait x Marvel gear online at
as well as in their physical store locations so grab them while you can!


Thor Dark World & Captain America Winter Soldier Artist Ron Lim


Day One of Stockton-Con 2013, wait a minute … the ‘con is only ONE day, anyways, our Ramen crew is in Artist Alley and we grab an interview with comic book artist Ron Lim.  Ron has been drawing various Marvel Universe characters for many years now and has worked on iconic projects like Marvel’s big crossover series Infinity Gauntlet with writer Jim Starlin and fellow artist George Pérez.  Ron also talks about his other Marvel movie comic book tie-in projects and his special Jollibee Avengers issue.

For more info and projects by Ron check out his site at Ron Lim Art.

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