Great Scott!

First, Nike with the Nike Air MAG Mcfly in 2011.

Now, Mattel announced they are making a replica of the hover board from BTTF2 an BTTF3.

Back to the Future II – Hoverboard Replica

Ad from Toy Fair 2012

What’s next? The second coming of the DeLorean in 2013?

— Contributed by FrankC


  1. randomjang says:

    That would be so cool if they made a snowboard version of this. I would rock it.

  2. You know after looking at a picture of the Delorean it reminded me of the cartoon M.A.S.K and the Chevy Camaro with the Delorean doors. Ahh just gotta love 80’s cartoons!

    Here’s a pic:

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