Music: Somebody That I Used to Know = What Music Can Be

The quality of pop songs in America has gone down in the years, with the younger generation enjoying more music about clubbing, drinking, and having multiple lovers. Wouter “Wally” De Backer, a Belgian-Australian musician addresses this downward trend in an interview. Clubbing songs are nice and fun but it can get tiring and played out. Artists that sing and write about partying and drinking, dominate the charts and rule over the radio waves with listeners brainwashed into believing what their definition of life is. Gotye and Kimbra’s song “Somebody that I Used to Know ft Kimbra” written by Gotye, peaked at #1 in Australia for eight weeks straight and ranked amongst the top 5 in U.S Billboard Hot 100. Their song speaks loudly and differently from mainstream, overplayed pop songs of the recent years. Singing about the complexities of regret, sadness, and longing after a relationship has ended, it is a clear reminder of what many songs lack these days.

Here is a video of their song “Somebody I Used to Know”

A video of the interview with Gotye:

— Contributed by Karen Jang


  1. You should post their ACTUAL music video, it’s SO PRETTY!

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