Knite by Yan Wenqing aka Yuumei

This graphic novel called “Knite” tells the story of how China’s corrupt government and environmental ignorance have devastated its people and land. The industrial revolution of China continue to churn and feed the world’s growing greed. Those of us that have been to China can smell and breathe in the severe pollution in the air. The nights are pitch brown, not a single star in sight, garbage is thrown everywhere, and you can see the shocking things that are dumped into the sewers. Knite is written and drawn by Yan Wenqing and follows the journey of several kids, naming themselves Knites, who dream of one day seeing the skies of China unpolluted and the stars shining bright. They begin by using kites and flying them up into the night sky and trailing behind it are little light bulbs attached to the string. Their mission is to hang the stars back up in the night sky of China. Some say their ideas are foolish and naive but this is their way of fighting and hopefully people can see beyond the churning factories and pollution, and into the real stars.


— Contributed by Karen Jang

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