Carbon Fiber LEGO Bricks

carbonfibertouchAnd you thought only carbon fiber was made for exotic supercars?  Not anymore.  The idea of these unique LEGO bricks came about with LEGO fan/builder Mark Carpenter and his 3 sons.  They wanted something unique and cool to make their LEGO builds standout, the Carbon Fiber Tile.


They’ve already reached their Kickstarter goal and you will need to pledge more than $38.00USD to get these black high-gloss 1×2 carbon fiber tiles.  As LEGO builder myself, I’m looking for more variety-style carbon bricks than the basic 1×2 tiles and, as they stated on their Kickstarter page, Mark will be adding more variety LEGO compatible bricks in the future.  Now that would be cool.

Check out:  Kickstarter – Carbon Fiber Tiles.


  1. It seems cool but it is too expensive for a toy.

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