Nintendo 3DS & Louvre

My own guided tour!

The Nintendo 3DS and the famous Paris museum, the Louvre, teamed up on a really cool project.  Now you have can have your own guided audio/visual tour of the Louvre on the 3DS.  If you haven’t been to Paris I suggest if you had time to check this magical city out.  I spent around 2 weeks in Paris and let me tell you, it was not enough time (also a really good INXS song).  I also spent like 3 days in the Louvre which is truly not much time.  The Louvre is so big and has so much art and history.  It can be overwhelming.

This past Tuesday, Nintendo donated 5000 3DS systems to the Louvre.

Quick Facts:  Over 700 audio clips and images in high definition on the 3DS.  Also you take 2 themed tours that last about 45 minutes each or make your own guided tour on the 3DS.

For more info, check out: Nintendo Life – 3DS & The Louvre & Nintendo Europe press release: 3DS & The Louvre


  1. Good a reason as any to go back to Paris! And I love how the show no one in front of the Mona Lisa…a unique day at the Louvre indeed.

    • It’s funny how they have signs and arrows for the tourist pointing to where the Mona Lisa is in the Louvre. And they you get there all you see is a mob of people using their flash taking pictures.

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