Flashback: 80s Flicks

sixteen candles

The 80s were a time of newness…a time of happiness…and a time of “geekiness!”

But, what a great time it was! If you were like me, you waited outside a theater or drive-in waiting for the next coming-of-age flick that would set your heart aflutter and your mind at ease…because, after all, we were all geeks. And, somehow, we were all in love with SOMEONE!

Sixteen Candles (1984)

We confronted that uneasiness that came with asking someone to dance. We had secret crushes. We took buses. We rode bicycles to school. And, you know, it was still cool to walk to school!

Sixteen Candles (1984)

So, this week’s Flashback highlights that special time in 80s film. It highlights that innocence. It highlights that genuine infatuation with someone…and, without fail, it lets us feel that nerds and geeks, alike, were very real…and, somehow, VERY COOL!

Weird Science (1985)

Those were great times.

Contributed by Al Morales (aka greyluvr)
Host, Retrenders Spotlight

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