Flashback: Looney Tunes

looney tunes

I remember waking up early Saturday morning, grabbing a box of cereal, a big spoon, and a carton of milk….ready for the two-hour Looney Tunes ride?  And, what a ride it was!

Looney Tunes cartoons was the most popular cartoon series in theaters (yes, theaters!) from 1942 until 1969.  The series exceeded Disney and other popular competitors.

Hyde and Hare (1955)

However, I remember its heyday running a mid-70s/mid-80s span.  Why?  Well, this young man was growing up during that time.  I listened to the score.  I tried to decipher the dialogue.  And, I plain laughed my toosh off!

Bully for Bugs (1952)

So, this week’s Flashback highlights that special time in American cartoons.  That time when a post-WWII animated series provided a sophisticated, intellectual program for all generations to enjoy!

Stupor Duck (1956)

Contributed by Al Morales (aka greyluvr)
Host, Retrenders Spotlight


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