Dinosaur Art – The World’s Greatest Paleoart

As kids growing up, didn’t we all love dinosaurs?  We learned about dinosaurs in school and at the museums.  For me I think it was the Transformers’ Dinobots and Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park that really got me into dinosaurs.  I always thought art & science were separate worlds, but they are interwoven here with one another – Dinosaur Art.  Paleo-artists take fossils from extinct species and bring them back to life in the form of drawings, paintings, and digital mediums, like CGI and Photoshop.

This hardcover bound book edited by Steve White compiles interviews of the top 10 paleoartists in the world, which include Julius Csotonyi, Gregory S. Paul, Mauricio Antón, Douglas Henderson, Todd Marshall, John Sibbick, Luis Rey, John Conway, Robert Nicholls, and Raúl Martín.  The interviews discuss how these artists they got started in the profession and their approaches to interpreting fossils and extinct species.  They also talk about the pros and cons of the digital medium.  The book has over 180 pages of beautifully curated dinosaur art.

The book is great reference material for fans of dinosaurs with explanations and histories of different extinct genus classes, say for instance, the Aerosteon, Brachylophosaurus, Coelophysis, and much more.  Don’t look at this book as just another coffee table book, instead a dinosaur-sized tour de force of the art & science behind paleoartistry.


Hardcover Collected:  Dinosaur Art – The World’s Greatest Paleoart

Edited by:  Steve White

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $34.95USD

Available:  September 4, 2012

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