Amazing LEGO Build: The Batcave!

Image via Carlyle Livingston & Wayne Hussey/Flickr

This LEGO build should be placed in the Super Geektastic Hall of Fame!  Batman’s Batcave built by LEGO builders Carlyle Livingston II and Wayne Hussey looks amazing.  This team-up build took around 3 months, over 800 hours, over 20,000 parts, and weighs over 100 pounds.

If you’re not impressed, you can go with the regular LEGO Batman Batcave:

Wow, this LEGO Batcave can’t compare to the custom Carlyle & Wayne Batcave!

Carlyle and Wayne implemented lights in a truly effective way to highlight and showcase the Batcave.  The two guys also put in lots of details, like Batman’s workstation and weapons room.  The Batcave also features working lifts for the Batplanes, turntable for the Batmobile, helipad for the Batcopter, and docking station for the Batboat.

If the pics are not enough, the guys also took some video, click on these links:  Batcave Tour 1 & Batcave Tour 2.

I guess now they have to build Wayne Mansion on top of the Batcave?  Maybe …

For more detail images and cool photos, head to their Flickr page:  Carlyle & Wayne’s LEGO Batman Batcave!

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