The Misfits are BACK!


One of the hit cartoons back in the 1980s was Jem & the Holograms and the action figure dolls by Hasbro were pretty cool.  Each character came with their individual musical accessories, the figures were poseable and it came with a rad cassette tape of songs from the cartoon series.  With the approval from Hasbro, Integrity Toys has been making high-end Jem & the Holograms figures and just announced their line of the girl-band – The Misfits, arch-rivals of Jem & the Holograms.


Phyllis “PIZZAZZ” Gabor


Roxanne “ROXY” Pelligrini


Mary “Stormer” Phillips

The Misfits are Pizzazz, Roxy and Stormer and each figure stands 12″ made from vinyl plastic, detail hair, articulation and accessories.  The figures will ship out to retailers sometime in May 2013.

MSRP: Est. $120.00USD

For more images and details on these dolls and other Jem & the Holograms action figure dolls, go to:  Integrity Toys – Jem.

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