Custom G.I. Joe Skystrikers


As a kid I could never get the G.I. Joe Skystriker and because of Robotech and Top Gun, I wanted this toy even more.  When Hasbro re-issued it 2011 for it’s 30th Anniversary, I was able to pick one up.  I think this is one of the coolest G.I. Joe toy vehicles ever.  And now fans have been building really amazing custom Skystrikers.

This custom Skystriker is really cool.

custom skystriker 000

Fan builder Jean-Paul Lesperance has been building custom transforming G.I. Joe vehicles for many years and now this must be his ultimate build – a Starscream Skystriker that’s fully transformable and poseable.  He’s also selling this custom creation on eBay for some bling with bids starting at $250.00 bucks.

custom skystriker 001


Here are other pics of other way rad custom G.I. Joe Skystrikers.

custom skystriker 002

The Skystriker Apocalypse for delivering nuclear warheads.  For more pics and info – click here.


Custom US Navy inspired with LED light jet engines.

custom skystriker 003

For detailed pics of the custom build, go to:  The Terrordrome – Custom Skystriker.


The custom Python Patrol Skystriker.  This paint job is pretty amazing and slick.

custom skystriker 004

For detailed pics of the custom build. go to:  The Terrordrome – Python Patrol Skytriker.

Yo Joe!








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