Chappie: The Art of the Movie

chappieartbookThe film Chappie, like previous Neill Blomkamp films’ District 9 and Elysium may have a science-fiction spin, but also speaks to the larger issues of society and “real world” problems.  This Titan Books release, Chappie: The Art of the Movie delves into the background developing and creating the world of Chappie by Neill Blomkamp, concept artists and production team.

chappie00chappie01Chappie: The Art of the Movie features 160 pages of production photos, concept art, drawings, mecha designs, CGI art and articles by the concept artists and production team.  The book is divided into 4 major sections: the characters in the film, Chappie and the various robots in the film, production locations and of course a section on vehicles and weapons.  Director Neill Blomkamp and co-writer Terri Tatchell also provide insights on the making of Chappie.

chappie02The book showcases Neill Blomkamp’s vision of the Chappie universe.  If you want further exploration into the movie and interested in the world building aspects, the way cool mech designs and shooting locations of Chappie, then Chappie: The Art of the Movie should be picked up and added to your library shelf.


Hardbound Title:  Chappie, The Art of the Movie

Author:  Peter E. Aperlo

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  34.95USD

Available:  Now

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