Supernatural: Carved in Flesh

supernatural carved in flesh

The award winning sci-fi drama Supernatural has been following the Winchester brothers – Dean & Sam for 8 seasons on the CW as they hunt down demons, ghosts, and monsters.  And with the CW picking up the series for the 9th season there will be more thrilling adventures for Dean & Sam.  The young Winchester brothers lost their mother from a demonic figure and from that point on their father groomed them to fight supernatural evil.  Titan Books has released a series of novels with different authors in expanding the Supernatural universe and in “Carved in Flesh” by Tim Waggoner, this novel takes place during Season 7 of Supernatural.

Rumors of a mysterious dog creature roaming around and killing people has the small town of Brennan, Ohio all stirred up.  The Winchester brothers hear the news and decide to help and look for this “Frankenmutt” creature.  Along the way, they find that doctor Catherine Luss through personal lost of her own, has been splicing and dicing to create these patchwork dogs in hopes of bringing the dead back to life.  The hunt leads them to NuFlesh Biotech and the mysterious figure named Conrad.

Even if you are new to the Supernatural universe and haven’t watched the TV show since the beginning, “Carved in Flesh” does take time explaining the background of Winchester brothers while they hunt the “Frankenmutt.”  This is great for Supernatural fans who not only enjoy the TV series, but like reading novels that can give more insight in what Dean and Sam are going through as they hunt the supernatural forces.  And be sure to check out the other Supernatural novels by Titan Books.


Paperback:  Supernatural – Carved in Flesh

Author:  Tim Waggoner

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $7.99USD

Available:  Now

For more on the hit show, go to:  CW – Supernatural.

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