Sailor Moon Makeover Art

sailor moon

All time manga and anime favorite Sailor Moon returns for it’s 20th anniversary this year.  Naoko Takeuchi & Kodansha Comics have announced the simultaneous worldwide release this Summer 2013 and Momorio Clover Z will provide the theme song.  In light of the celebration, here’s some cool Sailor Moon makeovers by artist Abraham Cruz.

sailor neptune

If you’re a big Sailor Moon fan, you will have to definitely have to check out his uniform design makeovers for the various Sailor Scouts.

sailor jupiter

sailor pluto

sailor mercury

And to see all the various Sailor Moon uniform designs, go to:  DeviantArt – Abraham Cruz.

sailor venus


  1. Reblogged this on misentopop.

  2. These are cool! What about, Uranus, Mars, Saturn, Mini Moon, and Tuxedo Mask though?! ;p And the Starlights!

  3. Ah, I remember writing fan mail to Naoko Takeuchi back when I was 11. It didn’t occur to me at the time that I was writing in English to a Japanese speaking woman… Anyways, Sailor Moon will always a

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