Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer is back in Complex 90

complex 90P.I. Mike Hammer is back with some unfinished business.  This hugely popular character has sold millions of books over the years and was created by acclaimed mystery author Mickey Spillane.  When Mickey passed away in 2006, he still had a couple of Mike Hammer manuscripts that weren’t finished or published, and Spillane’s frequent collaborator Max Allan Collins known for his award winning graphic novel Road to Perdition, added the finishing touches to this Mike Hammer adventure.

We are taken back to the height of the Cold War, the year is 1964 with a new regime change in Russia.  The stage is set in New York City as Mike Hammer takes a routine bodyguard gig through his P.I. friend Ralph Marley protecting “Commie hating” conservative Senator Allen Jasper.  During a high society party, an attempt to assassinate Senator Jasper unfolded and because of the event, Hammer was hired to accompany Senator Jasper as a bodyguard to Moscow on a fact finding tour.  As Hammer steps into Kremlin soil, the K.G.B. soon kidnaps him and all hell breaks loose causing an international incident as Hammer fights and shoots his way out of USSR.  And all things lead back to New York City, Hammer with the help of M.P. Sergeant Desmond Casey and  “girlfriend” Velda Sterling dig deep to unravel a government cover-up in the mist, NASA secrets, extramarital affairs as to why he was set-up to die in a K.G.B. prison.

You don’t have to be a Mike Hammer fan to enjoy this sexy spy tingling action romp through Moscow and New York City.  Like Donald Hamilton’s character Matt Helm during the 1950s-1960s – these spy heroes are straight-up in your face characters, unlike the suave James Bond of its time.  And best of all there’s no convoluted espionage plot-lines mucking things up, ‘cuz like I said, this is a Mike Hammer book!


Hardback Novel:  Complex 90

Authors:  Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collins

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $22.99USD

Available:  Now

For Mature Readers


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