Hello Kitty Toaster by Cartwheel Kids

hellokittyfaketoasterOMG, this kitchen appliance toy maybe for kids ages 3 and up, but I so want this!  As a Hello Kitty fan, this is cute toy is a must-buy for me.  The fake Hello Kitty Toaster comes with Hello Kitty-shaped toast, tart and waffle, along with a jam jar, knife, 2 butter pieces and a frozen waffle box.

MSRP:  $14.99USD

Buy it @ Toys’R’Us – Cartwheel Kids – Hello Kitty Toaster.

Check out:  Cartwheel Kids.


  1. no it’s definitely not for kids, I had one too (a friend gave it to me in Thailand) so don’t worry. In Asia you wouldn’t even have to give a reason for owning Hello Kitty kitchen appliances.

    • Ditto! I totally agreed. I’m a single young adult that just love Hello Kitty.

      • YES! I sooo hate it when people tell me Hello Kitty is for kids…. that’s because they haven’t seen Hello Kitty car plates or dental clinic ^^ or maybe just because a lot of people think that adults have lost their sense of fun and we haven’t.

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