Portable Crapper for the Great Outdoors

shit box 01

This city boy is off to the wilderness this weekend.  I got drag into camping outdoors, but I would rather stay at a resort hotel.  And as you get older, you worry about your where to take a leak or dump.  Well, you can take this Shit Box anywhere.

shit box 02

This portable poo box is made from cardboard and comes with 10 spare bags, so you can poo all weekend long in the forest.  The crapper cardboard box is easy to build with simple instructions.

shit box 03

And there’s 5 different versions to choose from, like one for the kids and for grownups.  I really can’t wait to use this in the great outdoors.

MSRP:  $26.00USD

Buy it @ Firebox – Shit Box.

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