Graffiti Legally in NYC with Walls Notebook

doodle 00

It may be a great summer for many us out of school, but for those of you who have to take summer classes it might be insanely maddening.  Well, if you’re sitting in a boring lecture class and find yourself not listening to your professor at all and can’t get a Wi-Fi signal on your smartphone, then may I suggest doodling?

doodle 01

All you need is paper and a writing instrument.  Quirk Books has a better idea with the Walls Notebook.  The sketchbook features 80 pictures of NYC street pictures.  Now you can use your Sharpie markers legally and not get in trouble.

doodle 02

MSRP:  $16.95USD

Buy it @ the. – Quirk Books – Walls Notebook.


  1. hahaha! How cool! Unfortunately, i don’t think gangs really graffiti for the art. :p

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