Kazu Kibuishi’s Harry Potter Paperback Cover Art

harry potter coversHarry Potter fans may have all the books already in their collection, but this new release has all new cover art by critically acclaimed artist Kazu Kibuishi.  The Special Edition Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (#1-#7) features box art and new book cover art by Kazu himself.

harry potter box setUSA Today interviews Kazu Kibuishi on his new papaerback cover art for Harry Potter books – go to:  USA Today – Harry Potter – Kazu Kibuishi.

MSRP:  $70.00USD

Buy it @ Scholastic – Special Edition Harry Potter Paperback Box Set.

For more updates and info on Kazu, go to:  www.boltcity.com.


  1. Its so cheap in USD! When it comes to my country, it’ll be hiked up 5 times!

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