Batman Tumbler Golf Cart on Sale @ eBay

tumblr golf cartIt’s Cyber Monday and you can pick up this custom golf cart that looks like the Tumbler Batmobile from the The Dark Knight films.

tumblr ebayThe Batman Tumbler Golf Cart is sold by Rays Hollywood on eBay.  It’s pricey at $17,500USD but this custom cart will make you fresh.  Built from an EZ-Go Golf Cart with a go-cart motor pumping 48 Volts (6HP at 4,600RPMs) with a top speed of 38MPH.  The Tumbler Golf Cart also comes with 4 cup holders!!!  It has an iPad stand, leather seats, Batman logo, rear warning sounds, side mirrors and anti-theft kill switch.  Too awesome.

Buy it @ eBay – Rays Hollywood – Batman Tumbler Golf Cart.

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